Brad Weir

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Hello. I am a recent graduate of WCCI's Software Engineer Program. I have one year of experience as a Support Engineer in a highly motivated environment. I am looking to leverage a speedy, accurate, and detail-oriented work ethic. I am an independent problem-solver and self-motivated learner with an ability to adapt to new processes, development environments, frameworks and APIs.

- Brad


C# 6, .NET 5, Razor, Entity Framework, MS SQL, HTML5, CSS3, ES6, Node.js, Webpack, Git VCS


Professional Portfolio

This project is what you are viewing now. Skills displayed: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Semantic HTML.

Blog Platform

This is an MVC blog written in C# 6 on .NET Core 5 with Entity Framework. It features a category and tagging system to organize and retrieve blog posts.

Mario Baker (Donut Maker)

Mario Baker is a simple 2D, pixel-art game which utilizes the Pixi.js library. You play as Mario who must hit blocks to produce as many donuts as possible. Despite its retro aesthetic, Mario Baker features a modern technology stack and was built with HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript ES6.

Reviews Site

This is a review site written in C# 6 on .NET Core 5 with Entity Framework. It allows you to write reviews and rate items. The landing page compiles these rating and lists the highest rated products and newest products using LINQ.

Album Collection

The album collection allows users to add artists bios and albums to a remote repository and retrieve that information using the fetch API. The backend was written in C# 6.0 on .NET 5 with Entity Framework. It features a pure CSS carousel which utilizes 3D transforms and animated transitions.

Tripometer (Live Demo)

screenshot of Tripometer project

Tripometer is a gas cost estimation app utilizing the Google Maps API. It features an MVC architected backend written in C# 6.0 on .NET 5 with Entity Framework using a code-first database approach on MS SQL. The frontend was designed using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript ES6 and packaged using Node.js with Webpack.